Events Info

Warwick Summer Games

This is a yearly affair organized by the University of Warwick, held in Singapore every summer. Leeds SingSoc generally sends in teams to compete in the various sporting events, which include soccer, netball and Frisbee. However, if you don’t think you’re the “sport-y” type, there are also non-sports competitions, such as Monopoly Deal!


Freshers’ Welcome Party

The theme for the 2013/2014 Freshers was “Back to School”, which meant we got to see each other decked out in our old school uniforms, or what we wished our school uniforms had been! It was a fun night chatting with both fellow freshers and seniors over drinks before heading out to one of the clubs in Leeds, where we were also joined by members from our partner societies in Quintuplets.

Halloween Party

We don’t really get to participate in this ghostly affair back home in Singapore, so we really splash out on our costumes! Whether store-bought or homemade, the best costumes are always the most creative and extra points to those who pair it with face paint or make-up! Even if you don’t really enjoy a night out, its always fun to join us for this particular event, as it makes for great photos and the best memories.

Nottingham Winter Games

Much like the Warwick Summer Games, the University of Nottingham organizes this event every winter! Held on campus at the University of Nottingham, it is an opportunity to explore another town, while also meeting Singaporeans from all over the UK. A mix of sport and non-sport competitions are held as well, though the little detail of it being in winter may be cause for some head-scratching – how do you play outdoor sports in the winter?? Well, we’ll let you in on that once you’ve joined us in Leeds!

Seniors’ Farewell Party

We say hello to new additions to the SingSoc family every year, but sadly, we have to say goodbye to some ‘oldies’ as well. On this very special occasion, we celebrated by having a little get together, with some performances by members and food cooked by our very own committee members! The theme was, fittingly, “Geek is the New Sexy”, which made for a memorable night with fun photos from our photobooth.

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