Executive Committee

Leeds Singaporean Society Executive Committee 2015/2016



President: Cheryl Low



Hi everybody! My name is Cheryl and it is my honour to serve as your SingSoc president for the upcoming year.

My primary responsibility entails promoting the goodwill of the society to ensure that events are enhanced to its maximum potential! Furthermore, as a first year psychology student, I hope these events will send your brain high on dopamine and lower your levels of melatonin!

One of my favourite pastimes is travelling. I’ve already been to 5 of 7 continents in the world! For anyone who’s willing to embark on a lifechanging journey to Antartica, hit me up!



Vice-President: Charissa Lim



Hi! I am Charissa and am currently a first year undergraduate in the School of Education.

Serving as the Vice President of Leeds SingSoc 16/17, I assist the President in her role and am responsible for the general duties, administration and logistical needs of the Society.

When I’m not busy with university commitments, I regularly hang out with close friends and balance the rest of my time between lounging and gymming. I enjoy exploring places, immersing myself in other cultures, and occasionally challenging myself with new adventures.



Secretary: Joelle Wong



Hey! I am Joelle, a first year Law student.

As Secretary of SingSoc, my role is to manage administrative matters within our society.

I like trying out new things.







Treasurer: Edwina Hia



Hello! I’m Edwina, and I’m in my first year of Law School.

As the Treasurer of SingSoc, my main role is to be responsible for the society’s finances, and to ensure that the accounts are transparent.

During my free time, I enjoy watching dramas, embarking on cooking adventures with my friends, and also travelling to different places to broaden my horizons.





Liaison Director: Spencer Yap



Hey there! I’m Spencer, a first year law student. Interesting thing about me, the UK is actually the third continent I’m living in.

My job as the liaison director would be to secure funding and discounst at various stores and restaurants for our members!

When I’m not studying, I would probably be in the gym!






Publicity Director: Alyssa Tjioe



Sup guys! I’m Alyssa, a first year Law student (as always).

As Publicity Director, I’m the one behind the visual representation of the society on our various online portals and the official university pages. That really just means I take your (un)glam pics and vids. Furthermore, as Chief Editor of the SingSoc Newsletter I cover official society events.

When I’ve got some free time on my hands, I enjoy photography, making music playlists and some recreational sports (usually Frisbee or Taekwondo). I also like poetry – Robert Frost and Wisława Szymborska are my favourites!




Sports Director: Jared Hui


Hey peeps! I’m Jared, a first year Pharmacology student.
As sports director, my role in the committee is to organise sports activities for the society to bond. I want my fellow mates to stay happy, healthy and stay hot by engaging in sports! It’s good for you 🙂
During my free time, I enjoy watching movies, documentaries, variety shows, recently dramas that people were raving about, listening and grooving to music, travelling to scenic places, eating and most importantly, playing sports like Frisbee and football.

Please note: If anyone wants to run faster or outdoors because the air and weather is good, do pm me and I will gladly be your running buddy! Cheers 🙂



As a committeewe will continue to work towards creating a home away from home here in Leeds for all of you, building a close-knit community and improving our outreach efforts to potential members and sponsors. We hope that you will continue to support us for the year ahead, while we put our best into planning the best parties, get-togethers and other activities for you!