Executive Committee


President Andrea Lee


Hey there! I’m Andrea and it’s a pleasure to serve you as your President for the academic year 2017/18!

My main role is to oversee the events relations in and out of SingSoc. I hope to make SingSoc truly a home away from home where everyone feels comfortable and happy.

I’m a Theatre & Performance student whose interests especially lie in dance. I enjoy doing art and scrapbooking in my free time as well! I like travelling and gaining new perspectives on the world and being immersed in other cultures. I hope to grow and learn more about myself in my time here in Leeds!

Vice President Philip Chuah

DSC03629.JPGHi guys! My name is Philip and I’m a second-year law student, serving as your Vice-President for the academic year 2017/18.

My role involves the management of SingSoc’s internal affairs, as well as to help Andrea out with her duties as and when I need to. In my free time, I enjoy playing squash (that old man’s game) and going to the gym, as well as an occasional pint with my friends.

We have lots of exciting activities lined up for you guys throughout the year, so stay tuned for them! SingSoc definitely felt like a home away from home in Leeds in my first year, and I’m sure it will too for you!

Secretary Nikhil Senan


Hello everyone! My name is Nikhil Senan, and I am this year’s Secretary for the Leeds University Union Singaporean Society.

I am 21 years old, and turning 22 in December – my horoscope is the Sagittarius, and I am truly half man half beast.

I am an artist, a son, a boyfriend & a friend. One day, I hope to be a father. Today, I hope to do well in Law School, and to make good music.

The Singaporean Society is a close knit bunch. It is our hope that in times of need – which are closer than you think when living alone abroad! – we can be there for one another, as our previous exco’s have been for us.

Enjoy your time in University, it is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life to have the opportunity to study in Leeds with the incredible folks that you see in SingSoc.

All the best!

Treasurer Vivian Yan


Hey guys! I’m Vivian and currently a second year Accounting & Finance student. As the treasurer of SingSoc, my main role revolves around setting budgets and keeping the accounts in check to ensure events and activities run smoothly for all. I am also responsible for the society’s finances.

In my free time, I like to frequent the gym and enjoy travelling to different places to widen my horizon. Very often, I do also like to hang out with close friends and spend some time catching up on life!

Liaison Director Lim Xin Yuan


Dear all, I am Xin Yuan. Ironically speaking, as you may observe from my picture, I am a very intense person; so there should not be any question as to what I am studying – Law.

I am the Liaison Director for SingSoc. It is a really fancy title and I like it a lot so if you pronounce Liaison incorrectly, I will cringe for a good 10 seconds at least. Bt the way, my main responsibility in the committee is to secure funding and discounts to benefit the members. I go the extra mile for the members and am the person corresponding with these sponsors and partners; I do try my best to maintain these partnerships and sponsorships for the future members of the society.

Although I study Law, I am unlike your typical image of how Law students are like; I am only human. I do not just study (some of my peers may beg to differ). I enjoy playing football a lot (#YNWA). And I do appreciate a wide range of genres of music, from Hardwell to Pavarotti. Besides all of that, I study. Just kidding, as I have said, I am an average Joe. I do mostly what you do on a daily basis but other than studying, I procrastinate.

Publicity Director Nurul Syafiqah Tan


Hi! My name is Syafiqah and I’m the publicity director of SingSoc for AY2017/18. I’m a second year Geological Sciences student (yes, the one about rocks)!

I’m in charge of the visual representations of the society. As Chief Editor of the newsletter, I keep you guys well-informed on SingSoc events. In my spare time, I attempt to exercise and enjoy travelling to different places!

Sports Director Aylwyn Seto


Hello, I am Aylwyn, a Law Student and I will be the sports director for 2017/2018 Academic Year!

My role is to mainly organise sporting activities whenever possible and sporting events such as the Warwick Summer Games and Nottingham Winter Games. Feel free to attend any of the sporting events to get to know one another because we are guaranteed to have a great time together while living a healthy lifestyle.

During my free time, I love to watch the NBA, play some basketball, badminton and try most sports (new or old). I would definitely love to chill with friends as well whenever and wherever!

As a committee,