Executive Committee

President Rainer Tham



Rainer Tham is the president of the Leeds Singaporean Society, and is tasked with the crucial role of heading the society.

Rainer leads and manages his team of committee members, and oversees the organization and running of all activities and events.

He is a first year Management & Marketing student at the University of Leeds, who enjoys nothing more than relaxing over a good cuppa at a café.

Besides being an avid foodie, Rainer also has a passion for football, and supports the Arsenal football team.


Vice President Kristine Teoh



Kristine is the Vice President of the Leeds Singaporean Society, and is currently in her second year of studies in BSc sustainability and environmental management.

As the vice president, she works closely with the President to assist him with the internal management of the society.

Outside of school, some of Kristine’s hobbies include looking for delicious food spots, K-Dramas and make up.

She hopes that the society will be a tightly knitted community and that you as a student will participate and enjoy the multitude of activities and events that the committee are planning.


Secretary Ng Jing Yi



Jing Yi is the Secretary for the Leeds Singaporean Society, and is currently taking a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology and Management.

Jing Yi’s responsibilities as Secretary include assisting her fellow committee members by keeping track of their progress, and the management and distribution of information during committee meetings.

She is also heavily involved in the development of new ideas and events for the society.

Jing Yi describes herself as an organized, cheerful and adventurous individual who loves exploring places and cafes with her friends during her free time. She believes that it is important to always keep a positive and happy mindset.


Treasurer Alvin Chia



As the Treasurer for the Leeds Singaporean Society, Alvin is responsible for managing the society’s funds, and ensuring that the inflow and outflow of funds are recorded appropriately.

Outside of work, Alvin likes reading, watching movies and occasionally playing computer games. He is also an avid traveller and enjoys taking long walks to explore new places.

Alvin is a first year Food Science & Nutrition student at the University, and has a keen preference for Japanese cuisine.


Liaison Director Srika Nambiar



Srika Nambiar is a second year film, photography & media student.

As the Liason Director, Srika is responsible for bringing in sponsorships for the society.

In her free time, Srika enjoys binge watching Bollywood movies, and is a dedicated singer and dancer.


Publicity Director Keith Chua



Keith is a first year Journalism student at the University of Leeds.

As the Publicity Director for the Leeds Singaporean Society, Keith is responsible for the production and management of all media and creative work for the society.

Besides being an avid landscape photographer and cinematographer, Keith thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and being out on the water.

He is a passionate sport angler who believes the core of a man’s spirit comes from travel and good adventure.


As a committee,