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a) Travelling to Leeds

There are many routes to choose from when you’re traveling to Leeds, but we will recommend you arrive at either Leeds Bradford Airport, Manchester Airport or London Heathrow Airport.

  • Fly to Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport provides regular flights to major international and domestic destinations and is the airport closest to the Leeds City Center. However, do note that there is no direct flight to Leeds, so you will usually need to transit at London Heathrow Airport. Two airlines that fly to Leeds Bradford Airport are British Airways (BA) and the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM).

Upon arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport, you may take a cab/call for an Amber Car* or hop on bus service 757 to get to the Leeds City Centre . You may check the time table for bus service 757 via this link.

  • Fly to Manchester Airport and take the train to Leeds Railway Station

Manchester Airport has one of the highest passenger traffic in the United Kingdom. It is the largest outside London with more than double the number of passengers of the next busiest airport, Edinburgh Airport. Naturally, many major airlines fly to Manchester Airport, including Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

This is one of the most cost-efficient and convenient routes to take. Most Singaporeans also choose to travel to Leeds via this method, as the train station is situated right next to the terminals and are a short walk away.

Upon arrival at Manchester Airport, proceed to the train station and board the train from Manchester Airport Station to Leeds Railway Station. The train journey from Manchester Airport to Leeds Train Station takes about 1.5 hours and you may book the tickets in advance for cheaper ticket deals. You may check this site for the train schedules and ticket prices.

Upon arrival at Leeds Railway Station, you may call for an uber or Amber Car* to bring you to your designated accommodation.

  • Fly to London Heathrow and take the train to Leeds Railway Station

Upon arrival at London Heathrow, you will need to take the London Underground (the equivalent of our MRT) to Central London. You may travel via the Piccadilly line and alight at King’s Cross St Pancras Station. Do note that it is quite a distance away from the airport – you may refer to the tube map here.

Additionally, it may be rather inconvenient to travel on the London Underground with bulky luggages, as most stations do not have escalators and you will need to carry your luggages up or down stairs to reach the platform.

Upon arrival at King’s Cross St Pancras, look for London King’s Cross Station and board the train to Leeds. Do not get confused with St Pancras International (just across the street) where the EuroStar trains operate to destinations all over Europe. 

The train journey from London King’s Cross to Leeds Railway Station takes about 2.5 hours and again, you are advised to book the tickets in advance for cheaper ticket deals. You may check this site for the train schedules and ticket prices.

Upon arrival at Leeds Railway Station, you may call for an Amber Car* to fetch you to your designated accommodation.

* (Refer to travelling within Leeds, below)

One last thing to note is that it is usually much cheaper to buy plane tickets from the UK, rather than from Singapore. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a one-way ticket to the UK from Singapore on this journey, following which you can buy a return ticket when you are traveling back home to Singapore on your next journey.

If you plan to do a lot of travelling, it might be worth applying for the Registered Traveller service. This allows you to avoid filling in the landing card, and bypass the queue by using the UK/EU biometric gates. However, it is currently not very cost effective for most undergraduates who typically are not be able to travel far during term time.

b)  Travelling within Leeds

Leeds has an excellent public transport system and compact city centre, making it easy to get around even by walking. There is a coach terminal on Dyer Street for local buses and National Express bus services. There is also a Leeds City Bus, which stops at the bus and train stations and the southern end of campus (near the back of Leeds General Infirmary A&E) every 10 minutes from 6.30am – 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

The University campus is 5 minutes by taxi from the railway station, or a pleasant 20 minute walk. If you choose to walk, the university area has maps to guide you. There are also cycle lanes throughout the city centre and if you’re thinking about cycling to the University, the university provides secure bike racks and shower facilities.

*Amber Cars are popular amongst students, as it is affordable and cheaper than the standard cabs that you may flag down on the streets. You may wish to find out more via this link.


c) Traveling within the UK 

Located in the centre of the UK with excellent transport links, Leeds is well connected to the rest of the UK by affordable, frequent and extensive coach and rail services. You may also rent a car and head for the M1 or M25 if you have a driving license!

Additionally, you may apply for a 16-25 Railcard, if you are going to travel extensively throughout your 3 years in the UK via train. This is highly recommended as the Railcard gives you 1/3 off ticket prices on all train services throughout the UK as well as on the Tube in London. Do check out this link for more information with regards to the 16-25 Railcard.


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