Weather & Daylight Savings


Leeds is a very windy city, so expect strong winds even in Spring and Summer. Do remember to factor in the chilly wind gusts when preparing to leave the house. A 13 degrees temperature forecast may not be as warm as you think when the wind blows!

Season: Duration: Average Temperatures:*
Autumn September to November 13 to 6 Degrees
Winter December to February 0 to 4 Degrees (Usually the start of Snow)
Spring March to May 6 to 14 Degrees
Summer June to August 14 to 16 Degrees

* Please note that the temperatures are a rough estimate and may not be accurate.


Daylights Savings

Something that you’ll never get to do in Singapore: Changing your clock forwards and backwards!

Just a little history.. William Willet is the man behind British Summer Time. He noticed that the early summer morning daylight was wasted while people slept. Hence, he proposed the British Summer Time, where people can better use the daylight in the afternoon with the hour-fast forwarded.

British Summer Time begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October.

We change our clocks an hour ahead in March (BST begins = GMT+1) and change them back an hour later in October (BST ends = GMT).